22 April - 17 May 2014

"Fantasy, the flutter, the rapture of fantasy!"


The crumbling decadence of Germany, 1930: one man's desire takes him far beyond the boundaries of human decency; another's longings and regrets force him into a dangerous spiral of addiction; a third's erotic reveries culminate in a thrilling Faustian pact with the Devil herself. A cast of Russian émigrés, denizens of streetcar and gas-lit café, wander alone through the savage Mitteleuropean night. A series of fleeting encounters bring about irreversible decisions, blooming into worlds of deviance and delight.


In 2014 Belka Productions presented a devilish selection of short stories, originally written in Russian by Vladimir Nabokov. Adapted for the British stage for the first time, the production vividly animated the characters of one of the 20th century's most infamous masters of the imagination.

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